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Clue Story English Version

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  • Author: Paris Perakis
  • Pages: 134
  • Α5 BW 14x21cm
  • Age: >15


(Μεταφρασμένη Έκδοση του πρωτότυπου “Clue Story 1 – Μια Ιστορία Γρίφος“)

You are the Hero of this book… You will solve the mystery of a crime that took place a few steps from your apartment, an ordinary boring day of your life. You must escape…from your risks and your routine’s safety that destroys your soul.

This is the first “Puzzle-Book” in the “Clue Story” series. On your way into the mystery, you will solve many puzzles and riddles. You and your answers will determine the end of the story.


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